Saturday, May 7, 2011

Busy Week at the UW

Wow...I cannot believe that this is my very first post on a blog! Applause anyone??

Well, I signed up for blogger on Sunday but I didn't get into it until now. Without further due, I'm going to highlight what my week was like.

This week, I had to complete 3 webassigns for math, 1 webassign for chemistry, 1 post-lab from last week, 1 pre-lab for this week, a drama essay on the two plays, and some framework for this week's lab. So far in the quarter I've gotten like less sleep, so I had to stay up until 2 or even up to 3 am to complete all those.

At first glance, I thought college was going to be way easier than high school, but since earlier in the year, I discovered that I was rather faced with a lot of self-studying. In other words, like what someone in my Freshman Interest Group said, "you have come to a point where the teacher no longer puts a spoon into your mouth." seems like this is college for me :/